Book Wishlist

Books which I have no expectations in, get me hyped the most.
I dived into Plato's Republic purely for Double Damnation's marketing - ended up abandoning Double Damnation's development for months after reading it. Other books where I absolutely did not know what to expect (yet I now cannot imagine not having read) is Man and His Symbols, and Atlas Shrugged - quite a rollercoaster. If someone had told me Atlas Shrugged was about trains or had I seen its pagecount, I wouldn't have even bought it. So I think its good to get out of my comfort zone and try all sorts of books which I miss out on. To open a book you have no expectations and be amazed, is far better than knowing its going to be good and align with its themes in advance, and just nod every few pages.

Below is a list of books which I am interested, surely most will satisfy me, or be beneficial. And honestly, since I read only when I go to bed (can't get sleepy otherwise, because I overuse the computer as I code/gamedev), 1 of the books below should cover me for a month. I am so happy that there are so many interesting english books. Videogames can't satisfy me anymore. And I need to replace them for my free time.



General Literature


Speculative Philosophy

Political Science



Historical Fiction

Science Fiction




Christian Theology

Theater Plays

Slice-of-Life Literature

Medieval War Technology





Fairytales Unedited

Not fitting any of the above categories